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Personal Training

Fit Quest can help you achieve:

  • Sports Performance
  • Weight Loss and Managment
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Lean-Body Mass
  • Functional Training
  • Speed and Agility
  • Balance
  • Flexibility

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As your Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) we work together to achieve your goals. My philosophy is to train the body in ways that are adaptable to our lives. It does not matter if you are an aspiring couch potato or promising athlete, Fit Quest will be able to meet your needs. The field of personal training is ever changing as time passes, I work hard to keep up on new information, skills, and techniques. The flexibility of my sessions packaging meets a wide range of needs and goals. Check out our Fit Quest Blog.

55 Minute

1 Session: $75

4 Sessions: $270

8 Session: $510

12 Session: $720

30 Minute

1 Session: $45

4 Sessions: $160

8 Session: $304

12 Session: $432

Monthly Training Plans (Min. 3-month)

$270/month: One Session/Week
(Save $55)

$510/month: Two Sessions/Week
(Save $140)

$720/month: Three Sessions/Week
(Save $255)

May Fitness Move:

Try the Iso-Abs-Prone.  This move works the stabilizers in the abdominals.  Be sure to fire your glute muscles.  If it is too difficult drop to your knees shortening your plank.

Iso-Abs -
Prone Difficulty Level : Beginner
Muscle Group(s): Core
Modality: Stability
Progressions : 1 Arm in Air

Benefits: Core stabilization.
Pre-Requisites: Client shall be educated in diaphragmatic breathing. Core/glute activation. Flat back/neutral spine alignment.

Preparation: Assume a prone position with elbows bent and closed fists positioned under your shoulders.

Movement: Draw your lower abdomen inward toward your spine. In optimal postural alignment tighten buttocks and lift body up onto forearms. While maintaining the abdominal draw-in contraction, hold optimal alignment for 15 SECONDS and repeat 10 times. Your spine should be in a neutral position from cervical to lumbar and your glutes should remain tight without compensatory motion. Keep chin tucked in. Reduce time if necessary.  Form is more important than how long or how much!
Iso Prone Abs Exercise

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