Upper Mississippi River Shaping Up


Monday allowed me sometime to do a little solo adventure in the drift boat.  I made a modified deck to put my bow mount trolling motor on.  I have used this several times before but monday was the first day I got to try out my newest modification, a skag (I think that is what you call it).  Basically some plywood mounted to my anchor arm at the back of the boat.  This really improved my boats tracking when using the trolling motor.  I was able to fish fairly well with the auto pilot on with only minor corrections needed.  Things were looking great as I headed up river and noticed my trolling motor would seperate from the mount when I turned it to the right.  I dropped the anchor and removed the trolling motor for a quick look on the water.  Turns out only 1 bolt with maybe three thread turns was holding the motor to the quick release.  Thankful I noticed that before my trolling motor took a dip or bounced off my trailered boat.  Once I got fishing I only moved fish on Minnow Patterns.  Tried to force feed a large popper to no response.  It was a short outing but a good one.

On Wednesday, I took out Wildwood Float Trip client and his nephew for an afterwork special.  The afterwork special is basically that, not a half-day.  Whatever time you get until the sun goes down and we pull the boat ashore.  The guys wanted to try the fly rod.  I helped the nephew review how to cast a bit as he was just learning after a little instruction he was getting it (Still needs a lot of practice but then again who doesn’t). They both fished the first stretch and we didn’t move a fish and they were  tired.  Out came the spinning gear.  The newphew caught his first smallmouth ever a bright 15.75″.  He followed that up with a 17.75″ that pounded his lure just off the bank.

His uncle had seen enough.  It was his turn now, I had just tied on a topwater lure and within a few casts he caught his first fish of the day.  The fish charged out from the bank a good 4 feet to crush the lure.  After measuring the fish, which turned out to be the fish of the day 18.25″ we continued down river.  A few cast later the uncle hooked the smallest fish of the day about a 5 incher.  It wasn’t long after this that the shadows got long and finally over took the river before we beached the boat on shore and called it a night.

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